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                  诸城市鼎盛机械有限公司,座落在诸城市经济开发区 ,东至青岛黄岛,南至日照,北至潍坊,西至临沂,这里位置优越,交通便利,经济发达。
                   公司坚持以质量为根,诚信为本为发展原则,以世界同行业顶尖产品为目标,从产品设计,生产到用户使用过程都严格实施一系列有效的质量保证体系使产品性能不断完善,制作技术精益求精,操作更趋人性化。随市场不断扩大,公司逐步发展成为一家以生产食品蒸煮杀菌设备为主 ,生产销售其他食品加工设备为辅,集制造、销售于一体的独具特色食品机械企业,主要产品有杀菌锅、蒸煮锅、夹层锅、湿化机、无害化处理设备、蔬菜清洗设备、巴士灭菌流水线、真空包装机、肉制品加工设备及硫化罐等20多个品种供广大客户选用,产品销往全国各地并出口多个国家和地区。


                Zhucheng Dingsheng Machinery Co.Ltd is a leading provider of food machine .Professional manufacture of various sterilization kettle ,jacket pot ,vacuum packing machine ,vegetable washing machine etc. The company has the autonomy of import and export ,Products are found everywhere in China and exproted to Canada,North Africa,Burma,Algeria and other countries.

                The company always adhere the policy of “make the honesty as foundation,quality as the root ”, Hired a domestic industry in the years of senior experts involved in product research and development . Through the optimization of the solutions, professional advice, constantly innovate products and first class service to help and support our users to achieve thire  goals .

                The company focused on the future, and constantly create new energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon solutions to help our customers win the challenges of the future, at the same time also believe that we will be full of enthusiasm service to users, pay attention to your needs and exceed your expectations, with our efforts to success of your career. 


              电   话:0536-6017188

              传   真:0536-6017288

              Q    Q:诸城市鼎盛机械有限公司 761443054

              微   信:15965075488

              手   机:15965075488


              地   址:山东诸城市经济开发区横五路东首

              网   址:www.songbadbd.com